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The Start of the Cloud Race?

Arguably the hottest topic in computing at the moment is around the notion of Cloud Computing which typically involves the availability of Software as a Service (SaaS).

Like many “new” IT related concepts it has largely been around for a while in different forms – applications have been hosted on the Internet for some time and the idea of Analytical Service Providers (ASPs) was around in the early 2000s – but recently the ideas have crystallised into the idea of “The Cloud” as the platform.

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Who do you think they are? Segmenting to find out

2010 has been busy until now (hence the lack of blogging which we’ll try and remedy) but, for the most part, with a type of analysis we didn’t do any of in 2009.

We’ve been very occupied in recent times with Prediction as the awareness and demand for Predictive Analytics has grown. Though it is demonstrably powerful Prediction isn’t the only game in town, analytically speaking.

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